Jay Pauli (Motion 040) a.k.a. Jens Kiefel formerly known as DJ Yak or Eargear, Taylor and Kay, Anomalie, Fletcher Mundson Syndrom or Annunaki.

As a trained audio engineer he is the head of the Eargear-Studio and nowadays the producer of Motion 040, Paulirama, St.Pauli Dancecore. Besides producing for more than 7 years now, he spins the decks since almost 16 years. Started with funky stuff he got over trance and plays now a mix of funky groovy, butt moving electro-house.

He is dance Dj as well as lounge-ambient Dj. On both sides he can´t deny his roots and the music always has a taste of funk, beat ,sometimes even rock!

He played on parties all over the world like in San Francisco, New York, Moscow and more. His release schedule counts over 35 released tracks and more than 55 appearances.