Jay Pauli

This is my recently founded solo project. My first releases with this project is on Ware records no.070 (Cologne) the label of Mathias Schaffhäuser.The secound release wil be on Paloma records.(t.b.c)


The most recent project and maybe most known is
Motion 040. A project together with HOSH a.k.a. Holger a dj and producer from Hamburg.They are working out of their studio since 2003 and mashing things up live and on the decks. With their intensive gigs those two charming boys earned a lot of respect and a growing fanbase nationwide. Their sound, a unique model of minimal, noisy electro with powerful basslines and a flavour of dancehall sticking right into your head. They have previously released on Wizkidz, Paloma recordings, Force Sense records, Plusquam records and Get Physical Music.


Another lounge downbeat project together with dj Elbe from Hamburg is called Paulirama. They just recently put out some tracks on a downbeat Compilation called `Stille Wasser`on iTunes.


A fun or funny project is St.Pauli Dancecore. This project together with the both guys mentioned in the other projects has a goal, to reorganize known songs from rock along hip hop to 60´s with no bounderies.Always sexy and with the taste of crime and red light district. Like the place where these guys are based.

These projects belong to History:

FletcherMundson Syndrom,1998-2000
Taylor & Kay
Rocket & Silver 2000-2002

you can have a listen to tracks of all projects @