besides djing Jay Pauli is producer and part of this releases

My Solo Project Jay Pauli is now available on
Hi Freaks Records no.11 12" SofA E.P. No.2
also available Ware Records - online.
The first digital release of WARE ever
WARE 70 (kompakt/beatport/finetunes)

as part and producer of Motion 040:
Get Physical - full body workout Vol.2
Paloma Recordings - interstate E.p.
Force Sense Records - red´n pumpin 12"
Wizkidz Records - on air E.P
Plusquam Records - Haldolium - last dance/ Motion 040 rmx
Pias Recordings - Sono - whatever/Motion040 rmx
out now
King Kong Records - Mild&Wild - Compilation

as part and producer of Paulirama:
Elfenmaschine - stille wasser
`budapest`, `hush´, light you up´

as part and poducer of St.Pauli Dancecore:
`CDCA `- Dancore Vol. 1
`C.M.D.`- Dancecore Vol.2
`MM`- Dancecore Vol.3

as producer of CARP&THUNDER
Paloma Records - Der Dritte Raum - doppel -
Carp remix

and all historical releases since 1997
look here